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Wednesday Mar 7th at 6:00pm to Wednesday May 2nd at 7:15pm

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American Sign Language (Beginners) Jessalyn Akerman-Frank
Learn the third most popular language in the U.S.A. This hands-on and interactive class will teach you the basics of ASL, the five parameters that make ASL an official language, about the deaf community, their culture and cultural norms. Participants will also learn about the Deafblind Community, Tactile ASL, and Protactile. The class will have guest presenter panel that allows participants to interact and use their signing skills at the end of the course. Jessalyn Akerman-Frank is a Deaf ASL teacher, a member of Mount Zion Temple, has a Masters in Deaf Education from the University of Minnesota and has been teaching ASL for over ten years.

Conversational Hebrew for Returning Students Eli Zmira
Continue the conversational Hebrew studies you began at Mount Zion last year or during the first trimester of this school year. Eli Zmira is a native Israeli and has already become a beloved teacher to our younger students!

Flavor of Our People: Food from Israel to the Diaspora Erica Solomon
We all love hummus. However, there is so much more to know about Israeli cuisine than that chickpea and tahini-based dip. From its biblical origins to the diet of the modern-day Sabra, Israeli food spans a wide array of dishes, flavors, and cultural influences. For Jews outside of Israel, the foods that tie us to our shared pasts combine with the unique additions of the “melting pots” of which we are a part to tell a unique and delicious story. In this class, we’ll explore the flavors of Israel and the Diaspora through recipes, samplings, and stories. And, yes, there will also be some hummus.

Randi's Navel Piercing & Other Hot Topics from a Jewish Perspective Barry Golob
Randi wants her belly button pierced. Does Judaism have anything to say about this? Is it OK or not? Issues involved include piercing, respect for parents, tattooing/idol worship, cutting, ownership of our bodies, what level of danger is permissible, and modesty just to name a few. You will be able to discuss all of these issues with your peers, ask questions, and wrestle with your own values.

Sacred Choices Bet Rebecca Lubar
Continuing our comprehensive sex education curriculum, Sacred Choices Bet tackles more issues surrounding sex and sexuality. Come with questions, be ready to learn a lot and be prepared for open and honest conversations. We will explore Jewish values in connection to relationships and sexuality and delve into topics such as healthy relationships, gender identity and safer sex practices. You will be able to ask questions and wrestle with your own identities and values.

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